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Wordpress Security & Vulnerability Protection

  • Full Wordpress Security Audit

  • Wordpress Core Updates & Plugin Updates

  • Email Form & Web Form Spam Protection

  • Wordpress Login Hardening

  • Brute Force Monitoring & Protection

  • Malware Monitoring & Removal

  • Much more...

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Has Your Wordpress Website Been The Victim of a Hack?

Bricks & Mortar Creative provides a full suite of WordPress Hack Protection and Website Security Services that will lock down your website to protect it from all of the most common WordPress website vulnerabilities without compromising any of your existing web design. Whether you are facing minor issues like email form or web form spam submissions or robots excessively crawling your website, or you have been the victim of a full website hack, we can provide solutions to any existing issues as well as implement the changes to ensure they do not occur again.

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Wordpress Updates & Plugin Updates

Often times a majority of the vulnerabilities within typical WordPress web design can be resolved by simply updating the WordPress core and any plugins you may be using. We will create a full backup of your website and database and then perform any required updates.  Often times this can be done in as little as a day, however timeframes can change depending on theme and plugins.


Wordpress Login Hardening

If the standard WordPress login security just isn’t cutting it, there are a variety of WordPress Login Hardening techniques we can employ, including WP Dashboard IP restriction, Password Audit & Hardening, Two Factor Authentication, FTP Server IP Lockdown, Email Alerts for all Login Attempts, New & Updated Posts, and New & Updated Pages.


Brute Force Monitoring & Protection

Brute Force Login Attacks and Dictionary Attacks are a very common method hackers will use to attempt to login to a WordPress website.  To combat these attacks, we can monitor website traffic, login attempts, and several other factors in order to identify specific IP addresses and ban them before they can do any real damage to your website.


Email Form & Web Form Spam Protection

There’s nothing more annoying for a website owner than an inbox full of spam emails from a form on their website.  You’re afraid to delete everything for fear of missing out on legitimate leads, but don’t have the time to keep going through hundreds of spam messages every week.  We can implement a number of form protection techniques to reduce the amount of spam to nearly zero, freeing up your time to run your business..

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