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Bricks & Mortar Creative is a Fort Lauderdale web design agency located in the Fat Village Arts District. We specialize in all aspects of web design including informational web design, e-commerce web design, real estate website design, restaurant web design, custom website frameworks and custom website applications. We use the latest web technologies on all of our web projects including but not limited to HTML5/CSS3, PHP, Node.js, jQuery, Javascript, MySQL and MongoDB. We also work with a number of content management systems including WordPress, Magento, Shopify, MrktMobile, and many more.

Just looking to make your current site look a bit more modern? Our talented Fort Lauderdale web design team can work with you to not only improve the overall aesthetic of your website, but also work with you to improve it’s visibility across the Internet. Looking to start fresh with a brand new site? Our full-service team will not only design and build a winning site for you, but also work with you to identify the best web technologies to help you achieve your goals.

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