Craft Spirits Exchange

  • Magento

  • PHP

  • Apache

  • MySQL

Craft Spirits Exchange is the world’s first and only online community dedicated to artisanal and craft spirits and cocktails. The goal for this website was to connect craft spirit enthusiasts and novices alike with the broadest selection of craft spirits anywhere, and provide exclusive access to rare and limited release products from around the world. We built this website on the Magento platform alongside an install of the WordPress platform for blogging. We created various custom functionalities including a custom rating system based on various factors, a custom algorithm to run the rating system, an “Ask The Bartender” feature that gives product recommendations based on existing product search, and so much more. It was truly a pleasure to work on this project with the CSX team as they will definitely do some great things with this website.

  • Custom Magento Dropship Website

  • Various Custom Magento Extensions

  • Custom User Experience

  • Wordpress Integration

  • Pagespeed and Varnish Cache Enhancements


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Craft Spirits Exchange