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We’ve just launched a brand new extension for Magento that will make every designer and developer’s life considerably easier. Custom CMS Fields allows for you to add as many custom fields as you’d like to any CMS page for easy inclusion in a Phtml page template. Custom CMS Fields includes options for text inputs, text areas, WYSIWYG editors or even file uploads for images, videos and PDFs.

To install and use the extension just follow the following instructions:
1. Log in to your Magento backend
2. Navigate to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager
3. In the section marked Direct Package File Upload click on Choose File and include the tar file from this package.
4. Click upload, let the process take it’s course, and the refresh cache.
5. Return to the admin section and navigate to System > Configuration
6. Click Custom CMS Fields in the left hand navigation. If you see a 404 error simply log out of Magento and log back in.
7. Go to your account in and retrieve your license number.
8. Enter your license in the Magento backend and activate the license by enabling the extension.
9. Once you’ve enabled the extension, you will see the additional fields option on any CMS Page.
10. Create CMS fields as needed and include them in your PHTML templates using the php code below.

Once installed, you can include the field content in any PHTML template with the following PHP snippet:

$new_field = Mage::app()->getLayout()->createBlock('fields/show')->setData('area','frontend')->setTemplate('bricks/fields/index.phtml')->setResponse(‘field name’)->toHtml();
echo $new_field;

You can download Custom CMS Fields for just $29 at If you’re a freelancer or small design agency, send us an email and we can provide you with a discount code.

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