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    About Magento Checkout Extensions

    Simple Magento store solutions for closing the sale A great website design that is tuned to customer needs and shopping instincts can suddenly be torpedoed by a complicated or lengthy check out process. Aggravation concerning navigation, shipping calculations, and billing information can cause large amounts of customer with loaded shopping carts to abandon the process […]

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    Bricks & Mortar Pay It Forward Gifting Extension for Magento

    Our Magento Gift Extension While working on a very extensive project for a client we were faced with a problem, how can we allow the customer to send a coupon to a friend at the time of checkout submission? Further, each coupon would need to be automatically generated by Magento and then emailed to the […]

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    One Step Checkout Custom Step Creator Magento Extension

    We’ve created a new Magento Extension that allows any user to easily modify the one step checkout process by adding additional steps.  You can add as many steps as you’d like, the steps can hold input fields of any type including text inputs, radio buttons, drop down menus, check boxes and everything else that Magento […]

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    Fort Lauderdale Magento Website Development Company Now Offering Magento Extension Development

    Bricks & Mortar Creative, an online web agency in Fort Lauderdale specializing in Magento websites, is now offering customized Magento Extension development as well a newly launched store offering numerous Magento extensions for sale. If you’re looking for an agency experienced in Fort Lauderdale Magento Websites that will get your project done quickly and correctly […]

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    Magento Tutorial – Get Combined Price of All Products In Magento Bundled Product

    Magento is a great open source ecommerce platform but every now and then I’ll come across a feature that seems to be missing.  Recently, when developing a website that intended on using Magento’s bundled products to create product kits as single items, I realized that the price was nowhere to be found on the bundled […]