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    Tricks to Boost your WordPress Website’s Traffic

    If you’re just getting started with WordPress, you should know: building the site is just the beginning. Once you have it up and running, you’ll want to look for ways to boost your WordPress site’s traffic. Thankfully, there are a host of tools and combined knowledge on the best ways to get more people to […]

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    Bricks & Mortar Creative Signs With New Digital Partner

    Bricks & Mortar Creative has just signed with a new digital partner, Stock Island Marina Village. Stock Island Marina Village is a newly developed marina, just beyond the noise and crowds of world famous Key West, Florida. A pioneer on the developing forefront of the rustic Stock Island, Stock Island Marina Village is redefining the […]

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    Picking The Right Advertising Medium For Your Business or Brand Website

    Often times website owners focus a large percentage of their efforts on working with their web design team to create a great looking and functional website, but tend to neglect to plan for how to properly market said website. When it comes to Internet marketing and online advertising, there is no ‘one size fits all’ […]

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    Google Updates Adwords Logo, Dashboard User Interface and Color Scheme for improved usability.

    It appears that Google has just updated their logo, UI and color scheme for its Adwords Dashboard. So far as I can tell, the updates are simply a new icon, a blue color scheme instead of green, and a new sleek, stripped down menu area, but these few updates go a long way. First, from […]

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    SEO How To: Writing the Perfect Title Tag

    In this SEO How To I’m going to discuss how to write a page title for better search results. No matter whether you’re creating a page title, an article title, or a blog post title, it’s important that you give it some thought and include keywords that are not only relevant to the content but […]

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    Buying Advertising Online: Price of Inventory Vs. Quality of Inventory

    Buying advertising online is scary. It can be very expensive and you need to spend at least a couple of thousand dollars to expect to see any real return on your investment. Because of this, mistakes can be made and money can be lost all in the hopes of saving a 25 cents on every […]

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    Two Bricks & Mortar Clients Featured In One Article On Sweet Relish!

    Two of our long-term clients, Collins Bridge & Hey Dude Shoes, were both covered in an article on Sweet Relish.  Check out the post and check out these great brands!. Sweet Relish Article