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    Quickly and Easily Resize Text with CSS & jQuery

    A great new trend in web development is responsive design. This means your site’s elements, and proportions are responsive, or re-sizable, dependent upon the size of the browser, by using percentages for height and width dimensions, as opposed to fixed dimensions in pixels, i.e. 250px wide. Once you have an understanding of how responsive layouts […]

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    Bricks & Mortar Client, WeWOOD Watches, Featured In Financial Times

    Our favorite Wooden Watch Company, WeWOOD, has been featured in Financial Times. Featuring the companies wooden watches, philosophy and eco-chic styles, FT brings WeWOOD into a section of the mainstream marketplace it has never reached before. You can read the full article here.

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    We’ve just launched Fronay Collection!

    We just launched our newest website, Fronay Collection. Go take a look at their beautiful collection of jewelry for both adults and kids. www.fronay.com – silver jewelry

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    How Quality Web Design can Increase the Amount of Traffic to Your Website

    If you own a business, whether you rely on local customers or customers from around the world, you’ll need a website to promote your business. The website depends on a good web design to showcase your business. Web designing should be about simplicity and functionality for visitors to the site. Professional web designs are dependent […]

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    Bricks & Mortar Launches WeWOOD’s New Australian Web Site

    We’ve just launched the site for WeWOOD’s new Australian distribution. Check it out at www.we-wood.com.au

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    Simplify Your Coding By Using Some Simple PHP

    PHP is a server side language that is used for web development and can be easily inserted into and used with HTML. PHP has a wide variety of uses and applications, but today I’m going to talk about the include statement. By using a PHP include statement you can save yourself a ton of time […]