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    The 10 Plugins You Should Have On Your WordPress Website.

    WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems not only for blogs, but also for informational websites and e-commerce web stores as well. One feature that makes WordPress so popular is the large library of free plugins available for install on any website. Because it is an open source CMS, this means that […]

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    Group Custom Post Types in a Top Level WordPress Menu

    There are many times when I’m working on a custom WordPress website that I find myself having to create several custom post types to improve the clients user experience. In most cases I find that some of these post types would make sense being grouped together under a single menu item. Not only does this […]

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    Responsive Web Design Why is it Important?

    Have you ever wondered how one website has the same display on your tablet, phone, and computer? It is able to fluidly resize because it is a responsive web design. A site designed with responsive web design can adapt its layout to the screen size that it is being projected on through proper development. This […]

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    5 Things to Look for When Choosing a Web Development & Marketing Company

    There are a lot of reasons people choose outside help when it comes to their web development and marketing. The main reason is they don’t have the background, knowledge, skill, or most important time to do these things. Much like their clients turn to them they turn to professionals. Choosing a reliable fit is no […]

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    Three Questions To Ask Your Web Designer Before Starting A Project

    When you’re deciding on the right web designer to work with for your website development, it’s a good idea to open the lines of communication so all expectations are in the open as the project begins. We like to make all of our projects as transparent as possible, laying out the exact project design vision, […]

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    Elements To Look For In Solid Website Design

    Your product is just what your customers have need for, and now is the time to present your branding and marketing strategy to an online consumer audience. The last thing you want to do is slap up a website without considering how it will function, and to avoid this, you will want to find a […]

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    Choosing The Right Web Designer for Your Next Web Design Project

    Whether you’re developing a brand new website or just doing a website redesign, a bit of research into what can be offered is a solid first step to getting exactly what you want out of a contracted web designer. There are several options and sites dedicated to matching clients and designers based on price range, […]

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    Five Tips For Leading An Efficient Web Design Project

    After determining the website’s purpose concerning message, branding, and content, there are still a few outstanding elements that need to be considered when building or re-launching a website. First, you’ll need to investigate audience reach, search engine optimization, traffic patterns, customer engagement, and a whole plethora of finely tuned details that will come together to […]

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    Free SEO Guide and Checklist For Web Designers

    When creating a new website for a client, you should optimize it for a couple of keywords to get them started becoming indexed in the search engines. Start at the beginning and do as much or as little as you’d like. First… Determine whether they’ve already purchased a URL. The URL is very important for […]