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    5 Really Useful PHP Snippets for Magento Theme Development

    When new developers first attempt to tackle the beast that is Magento the overall size of the application and it’s syntax can become a bit overwhelming. We’ve put together 5 really useful snippets that can be used in any Magento theme that should save new Magento developers quite a bit of time and headache when […]

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    Picking The Right Advertising Medium For Your Business or Brand Website

    Often times website owners focus a large percentage of their efforts on working with their web design team to create a great looking and functional website, but tend to neglect to plan for how to properly market said website. When it comes to Internet marketing and online advertising, there is no ‘one size fits all’ […]

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    How To Easily Disable Any Magento Extension

    As most Magento store owners know, Magento extensions can be a huge help in quickly delivering some advanced or custom functionality to your Magento website. Typically, these extensions are installed in one of two ways, either through the Magento Connect Manager, or by uploading the extension files directly to your site via an FTP client. […]

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    Why Your Website Should Utilize A Content Management System

    Whether you are building your first website or you’ve hired a web design company to handle the build for you, it is always advised that you use a content management system to make managing your website more efficient. There are multiple strong content management systems currently available, so whether you choose WordPress web design or […]

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    The Importance of Navigation in Web Design

    When it comes to web design, a knowledgeable developer understands certain elements are critical if the website is to provide the best user experience and return on investment. One element of great importance is your website navigation. If someone is unable to easily navigate your website, they are going to leave quickly, and ultimately your […]

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    Top Four Benefits of Hiring Professional Fort Lauderdale Web Design Services

    Nobody can deny the irrevocable and inevitable growth of mobile technology around the world. Due to this reason, it is has become necessary for every online business to improve its visibility for every type of devices, and for a wide range of screen sizes. To ensure that you have approach to all sorts of viewers […]

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    Bricks & Mortar launches extension on Magento Connect

    We have just received word that we have placed our first extension on the Magento Connect store. Our very useful and very diverse extension, Add Custom Steps To Magento Checkout, can now be found on the Magento Connect store. This extension is ideal for gathering data, upselling services, customizing products and much more. This extension […]

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    Update Cart Not Working On Magento 1.9?

    We recently upgraded a Magento website for a client from version 1.4 to the most recent version (at the time), version Once we were able to resolve the major issues from the upgrade, there were still quite a few minor issues that took some time to recognize. One of these issues was that the […]

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    The 10 Plugins You Should Have On Your WordPress Website.

    WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems not only for blogs, but also for informational websites and e-commerce web stores as well. One feature that makes WordPress so popular is the large library of free plugins available for install on any website. Because it is an open source CMS, this means that […]