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    Magento Monday: Adding A Custom Page Template To Your Magento Theme

    Since we at Bricks & Mortar Creative are such big fans of Magento for our e-commerce projects, we wanted to start a weekly Blog series called “Magento Mondays” where we will cover various Magento topics as well as give away free Magento extensions that we’ve built. For today’s inaugural post, I wanted to focus on […]

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    Bricks & Mortar Creative Signs With New Digital Partner

    Bricks & Mortar Creative has just signed with a new digital partner, Stock Island Marina Village. Stock Island Marina Village is a newly developed marina, just beyond the noise and crowds of world famous Key West, Florida. A pioneer on the developing forefront of the rustic Stock Island, Stock Island Marina Village is redefining the […]

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    A Great Ping List For Your WordPress Posting Settings

    Today’s post is a quick one for WordPress website owners who are looking for a little boost on their on page optimization and blogging activities. If you own a WordPress website, you may be unaware of a very useful section within the Writing settings called “Update Services”. This box allows you to enter in “site […]

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    Validating Phone Numbers With A Regular Expression

    Often times when you’re looking to embed a form in your WordPress website or WooCommerce store, you’re going to be using one of 2 different plugins: Gravity Forms or Fast Secure Contact forms. FS Contact Forms is an excellent plugin, it is very customizable, and allows for you to utilize a lot of really great […]

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    Building A Well Rounded Website & Internet Presence For Your Small Business

    When building a website for your small business, there are a few crucial items you should always take in to consideration; the design, the content, the optimization, and your website’s presence throughout the internet. As a website owner, these four things should be your primary concern, as removing any one of them from the equation […]

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    What Is Responsive Web Design?

    Over the past several years, web design principals and methods have been shifting very rapidly. One of the bigger revelations in web design and layout however has been the advent of responsive web design. You may be asking yourself, “So what is responsive web design?”, and if so you’re in good company. This is a […]

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    How To Make WordPress Faster And Improve Your Website’s Performance

    WordPress is really an excellent content management system platform, which is why there are so many websites online that currently use it to manage website content and deliver assets. However, site owners will sometimes find that their site is moving a bit more slowly then they would have hoped, and often times these site owners […]

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    How to Make an Interactive Particle Logo Using Canvas

    Demo: Sorry, your browser does not handle frames! Modern day web browsing has come a long way since the 90’s. Do you remember web surfing on your dial up internet and coming across every other website using really cheesy flash animations like spinning 3-d logos or mouse trails? I certainly do. Now that flash is […]

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    CSS Transitions – Change background color with a smooth slide on hover

    As developers and designers begin to become a bit more comfortable with web design, often times they will want to start improving overall user experience by using techniques such as CSS transitions to animate different elements on the site based on interaction, for instance on hover. One trick that’s very easy to implement and almost […]