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    Tricks to Boost your WordPress Website’s Traffic

    If you’re just getting started with WordPress, you should know: building the site is just the beginning. Once you have it up and running, you’ll want to look for ways to boost your WordPress site’s traffic. Thankfully, there are a host of tools and combined knowledge on the best ways to get more people to […]

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    What Makes A WordPress Website Secure?

    One of the biggest concerns I hear from clients when it comes to having a website built on the WordPress platform is in regards to the security and whether or not their website and their users will be vulnerable. WordPress is one of the most widely used open source content management systems in web design, […]

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    Newest Extension For Magento – Custom CMS Fields

    We’ve just launched a brand new extension for Magento that will make every designer and developer’s life considerably easier. Custom CMS Fields allows for you to add as many custom fields as you’d like to any CMS page for easy inclusion in a Phtml page template. Custom CMS Fields includes options for text inputs, text […]

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    Simplified WordPress Custom Post Type Generator

    One of the functionalities that makes WordPress a great CMS for website development is the ability to create custom post types. A custom post type allows you to create a customized version of the “post” so that you can group any sort of content you’d like at the “post” level. For example, let’s say you […]

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    Don’t Build A Magento Website Until You’ve Read This

    If you are considering launching a Magento website to facilitate all of your e-commerce, there are quite a few things you should know before starting the project to ensure you get the best possible finished result. Choosing A Designer So you’ve decided you want to build your e-commerce store on the Magento platform, now it’s […]

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    Adding Google AdWords Conversion Tracking To A Magento Website

    Spending money advertising with Google AdWords can make or break your e-commerce website, so it’s very important that you have accurate and up to date conversion tracking in place.  Many e-commerce website platforms and e-commerce content management systems make this easy to do, however with Magento, it requires a bit more work on the template […]

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    WordPress Youtube Gallery Plugin By Bricks & Mortar Creative

    Plugin Overview The Bricks & Mortar Creative WordPress Youtube Gallery plugin is a simple, lightweight add-on for the WordPress platform that adds a featured video and a small 3×3 gallery. It currently uses the Youtube V3 API to make unique requests to Youtube so that the plugin is always showing the most recent videos. Using […]

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    Free Magento Extension: Ajax Loaded Dynamic Catalog Filters

    One request that many Magento website store owners have is the ability to introduce multiple filtering options on to their catalog pages so that people can sort by price, category, manufacturer or any other attribute being used on the store. There are a few extensions out there that help to achieve this, but they are […]

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    WordPress Wednesday: The Best Hosting For Your WordPress Website

    When it comes to owning and operating a WordPress website, the company that you decide to host your website with is an extremely important factor. We have worked with websites hosted on just about every commercial hosting provider and have had the chance to learn the ins and outs of all of their services. Whenever […]